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Arts can play an integral role in improving
the health service. Whilst art therapy is a recognised field of practice, other areas of
Arts in Health are being acknowledged as
having a positive effect on people’s health
and ‘well being’. The idea of Arts in Health
being a Monet print in a doctor’s surgery is fading with more people approving artistic influences in patient treatment.

Born Communication have a university recognised qualification for working within
the field of Arts in Health. With experience
of working with sensitive issues and with vulnerable people, we can manage and develop arts in health projects particularly aimed at tackling issues affecting young people.

Results of creative participant led health projects can have a dramatic affect on the participants involved. The results can also reach people within the local community or even on a national level. Acting as a preventative method of tackling health
issues affecting young people.

Case Study - Healthy Start

Working alongside graphic artists from Born Communication students in Cannock and Rugely  created pop art which explores health and social issues affecting teenagers.

The project involved young people researching and developing large scale professional comic art which tackled real life situations young people face including bullying, drug & alcohol abuse, domestic violence and sexually transmitted infections.

Following a celebratory exhibition, the resulting comic art was produced on 1m by 3m panels which are now installed in the waiting areas of a local health clinic.

Click here to download an example of the final comic art