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This section is designed to provide you with a feeling of the personal and professional level of service you will receive when working with Born Communication. The approach described below is a typical project outline not involving participatory sessions.

The brief
All projects Born undertake must start with a brief in order for us to understand your needs. A brief can consist of a telephone conversation, face to face meeting, e-mail or written letter.

Following a brief Born will provide a written quote either by e-mail, fax or written letter. The quote provided will explore all options discussed during the original briefing. If the client is happy to continue with the project Born will require written confirmation of their acceptance of the quote supplied. This can be supplied by e-mail, fax or written letter.

Prototype Designs
Once confirmation is received Born will create a set of prototype designs which we believe answer the original brief. These designs will then be presented to the client who will have the opportunity to analyse and discuss the designs to explore how the ideas can be improved. Following the review the designs will be developed further through consultations with the client until the client is satisfied with the results.

When the design process is complete the client will be provided with a printed or electronic proof which they must check for editorial mistakes. This stage of the process is important as any amendments spotted after this stage will incur additional costs to the client.

Following proofing, digital artwork will be handed over to the people responsible for the production of the final products. If production is being handled by Born Communication we will ensure that products are delivered on a date agreed with the client. If the client prefers to use their own suppliers we will supply the artwork in the format agreed at the beginning of the project.

Depending on the size of your project, payment may be required at specified stages or as a final payment upon completion. These conditions are agreed at the quoting stage.

Terms and Conditions
For more information about our Terms and Conditions please request a copy from Born direct.